The Top 4 Winning Attitudes of a Wise Borrower

Being a wise borrower in the modern times can be a real challenge. There are many pitfalls that a borrower must face, ranging from internal issues down to unexpected financial situations. If you want to become a wise borrower, you don’t need to connect spirituality and finance (though it may help).

You don’t need to mediate three times a day or donate all of your belongings. Rather, you have to embrace some core principles that wise borrowers have applied.

Below are the top 4 winning attitudes that every borrower must adopt:

Foreknowledge About the Loan

Foreknowledge is not just important in borrowing but in other life aspects as well. If you have foreknowledge, you won’t be clueless about the lender’s loan offers. At every turn, you can answer the inquiries of the lender; this is useful if you’re applying for huge and complex loans. How can you practice this? Always spend time researching even before you need the loan. Take note of the best lenders in town. Understand the way they handle business.

Initiative to Repay

Repayment initiative is an attitude that many borrowers lack. After applying for a loan, they tend to forget about it. Once the due date arrives, they play cat and mouse with the lender. It will even lead to greater stress as collection agents and authorities become involved. To boost your initiative, always put yourself in the lender’s shoes. What would you do if a borrower attempts to run away from you?


The wise borrower is always inquisitive. Whenever he is facing the lender or lending agent, he will pitch all possible questions. No stone will be left unturned. In this way, the borrower can get all the data points needed before applying for the loan. Pro tip: prepare your questions before facing the lender. Jot them down. Don’t go for the lender’s offer just because it’s inexpensive.


Resourcefulness is another useful attitude or ability that can be advantageous for you. If you’re resourceful, you can find numerous ways to repay the loan. Many borrowers pulled this off nicely through the means of freelance projects, constant hustling, and sharing win-win opportunities. If you want to practice resourcefulness, you should manage your inhibitions. Widen your network. Create your freelance profile, and apply for jobs that you’re skilled at. Sooner or later, your resourcefulness can help repay any outstanding loan according to .

Adopting these four attitudes can give you a better financial insight. More importantly, lenders will also love doing business with you. If you think you already possess these attitudes, contact a lender today and send your application!